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Lucy Ashdown

I am an artist, now living in Palmerston North. I’ve enjoyed painting all my life, exploring paint and how it can work with textures and media – inks, collage, paper, and canvas - to create oils, watercolour and mixed media images.
I’m inspired by colour and light playing on the landscape, on flowers and in still life; my challenge is creating mood in two dimensions through the use of colour and texture.


Waiting At The Bus Stop

Waiting at the Bus Stop
Mixed media on canvas

Chrysanthemun and Kokeshi Doll painting Chrysanthemums with Kokeshi Doll
59 x 49cm, oil on board
Cornflowers painting Cornflowers
27 x 36cm, framed watercolour on yupo paper
Summer Reflections painting Summer Reflections
70 x 55cm, oil on canvas
Morning Daisies painting Morning Daisies
33 x 26cm, mixed media on canvas