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Froyle Davies

Froyle Davies is a New Zealand artist, specialising in creating paintings of dramatic colour and rich texture.

I have been on a journey, discovering my birth family, place of origin, and cultural heritage and this experience has given me the freedom to embrace my true self.
I create beautiful original paintings that connect people with spiritual truth. Truth that releases hope, freedom and identity. Truth that brings healing to the soul and restores the spirit through colour and beauty. My revelation is your gift, as my paintings release the intention for which they have been made. Beautiful original paintings to heal your soul, inspire your spirit and to restore hope to your heart and mind.

Recently my whole world turned upside down when I found my birth family and point of origin. Returning to the beautiful land of Aotearoa and exploring my Māori heritage has had a profound impact on my arts practice. I am outworking a new found exploration of identity through my series of paintings.

The inspiration for my painting comes from colour itself and my approach to art is most akin to abstract expressionism. The paintings are a celebration of the creative process; whereby the initial inspiration is the springboard and from this the art evolves.

Froyle has been painting and exhibiting for over twenty five years. She has been involved in many group exhibitions and has held a number of successful solo shows. Froyle is currently living in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

View more paintings, visit the website: www.froyleart.com

Forming The Landscape 2 paintingForming The Landscape 2
Before The Waka Arrived painting Before The Waka Arrived

When The Earth Wed The Sky painting When The Earth Wed The Sky

Inheritance 1 painting Inheritance 1

Inheritance 2 painting Inheritance 2

Here I Am painting Here I Am